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I was in a pretty chronic state when I first attended Wendy's clinic. Thanks for all your hard work, Wendy, you got me back on my feet again, and again, and again!

Since I started attending Farmhill physio clinic four years ago with severe pain from plantar fascia thanks to Karen i have improved so much and enjoy walking long distances without pain, also my back and knee pain is completely gone before attending i suffered with bad pain but now i lead a full life without pain i highly recommend this clinic Karen is a very talented physiotherapist the best on this island 

Wendy is amazing! In 2015 I suffered a herniated/prolapsed disc in my lower back within 10 months of having my second child. The pain and spasms were unbearable. I eventually had a spinal injection. Not only did Wendy help me physically recover, but she helped me think positive, so that my back injury would not hold me back. To think 'I CAN!' rather than 'I CAN'T or I SHOULDN'T' with regard to activities I did prior to my bad back. I have since re-joined a gym, completed numerous 5k and 10k running events, 2 half marathons, and have consistently achieved new personal bests.😁 The body can achieve what the mind believes, and I owe this mindset to Wendy's encouragement and professionalism.

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